Customization Program - Stanley Create

Will my customized products be shipped with my non-customized items in my order?
How long does it take to receive a customized Stanley product?
Can I expedite ship my custom order?
Can I customize my order outside of the United States?
Can I return my customized Stanley item?
What do I do if the item received does not match the custom design originally ordered?
What do I do if the item(s) received is damaged via shipping?
What products are eligible for customization? Why isn't the product I want available for customization?
Can I choose where my customized design appears on my Stanley product?
Are there any guidelines and restrictions with what I can engrave on my Stanley product?
Can I choose any color option for my customization? What colors are available?
Can I customize with both text and graphics on one product, or do I have to choose one?
Will additional color, graphics, or font options be available at a later date?
How much does customization cost?
Can I review a mockup of the customization before it gets printed?
I made a mistake with my customization, is it too late to get it fixed?
Can I upload my own graphic(s)?
Are there discounts available for larger orders?
Do you offer custom design services? Can you create my design for me from scratch?
Do you offer printing?
Can you customize your Quencher?